Mt Biking near Iowa. MTB Iowa

This website is so new and experimental you are lucky to see it.

You are looking at the conceptual mapping and information aggregation for mountain biking in and near Iowa.
These things are going to change sometimes without warning and it may break periodically until we figure out the bugs. Don't even start on the 1998-ish visual appeal. I like to make things work first then make them look good later.

The goal is to give the user an idea of what is happening with mt biking with a quick glance.
Answer the basic questions:

Don't be mad that your trail is not included. I grabbed every trail I could think of off the top of my head. Send an email to with the following information: I'll add it to this spreadsheet and it will show up on the map. Isn't that cool? Simple updates.

In the mean time just enjoy riding your bike.

Your MTB news from around Iowa.